We have a very long relationship with Elcowire, dating back nearly 35 years

We enjoy that Elcowire has a  great continuity in staff members, which is in our opinion, a very good sign for a professional managed company.

Annually we do large volumes in Hedging with Elcowire resulting in orders emerging nearly every day. The process, execution and responsibility is perfect managed.

Also regarding paperwork, speed of reaction and exactness in terms of fixation is exemplary !

We are also very happy with the quality which is delivered by Elcowire. If we had some problems in the past, there is a great reaction and willingness from Elcowire to solve the problems and discuss technical things with the technical people in the companys.

All our fixed placed orders are running in time and we are happy about the relationship.

Jürgen Dittus, General Manager, Südkupfer

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